Joe Visser

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Things That Cannot Be

THINGS THAT CANNOT BE is a brand-new EP featuring six original songs written and performed by Joe Visser. 


Each song in this special collection encapsulates Joe’s evocative lyrics, haunting vocals, and exceptional musicianship.


Now streaming on all platforms, the EP is also available as a limited edition CD.


Joe Visser first appeared on the Australian music scene as a starry-eyed kid, with a distinctive voice and lyrical songwriting skills. Blending classic folk influences with nuances of contemporary indie music, Joe has evolved into a talented singer, songwriter and musician with an individual sound.  Full story here.


Joe Visser is based in Sydney, and his new EP ‘Things That Cannot Be‘ is out now, with more to come.

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“The tone of your voice is so beautiful! So classic and so warm.”

– Abby Butler,
Triple J (review)

“Joe’s got a way with words that really pulls you in and makes you side with him.

– Declan Byrne,
Triple J Unearthed (review)

Heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting.

– Dave Ruby Howe,
Triple J Unearthed TOPS

New video LEFT BEHIND out now

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EP: Things That Cannot Be

Joe Visser Looking For Something New single cover

Single: Looking For Something New

Single: Left Behind

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